Technical characteristics of the computer lights

Models and brands of computer lights is very diverse, such as domestic lights, imported lights, scanning lights, and moving head lights, but all of them are equipped with the following characteristics:

Structural Features

computer lights

Computer lights can be divided into two groups according to its structural form. One is the lens scanning computer lights while the other is moving head computers lights. The lens scanning computer lights project the beam with a reflective lens swinging on the front of the head of camp body. Lens are driven by two motors (pitch and azimuth), which can complete vertical and horizontal swing. Its biggest advantage is that the lens is so light and easy- controlled, which can produce very rapid motion of the beam. However, affected by mirror axis, the range of beam movement is very small. Therefore, it is more suitable for hanging use.
Moving head computer light is the original form of computer lights. The movement of lamp body can rotate laser beams. Its rotating range covers all directions. This movement can produce impressive visual experience on the stage. However, because of its larger motor power, the lamp body is much heavier. But with the advancement of science and technology, this shortcoming has been gradually overcome, which makes the kind of lighting a rapid development in recent years, and become the mainstream of today’s TV computer lights on the stage. It has become very light and very small. This computer light is getting full light functions. Due to the technical restrictions, it can only do simple color effects. But now it has been developed to the same light as same as the computer scanning lens can do in producing a very rich artistic effect.

Functional Features

As a representative of modern lights, functions of computer lights can be said to be very well equipped, which generally include changes in light color, changes in three-color combination, changes in light and shade, a combination of changes in the pattern, the pattern changes in rotation, prism effect changes, soft effect changes, changes in the lens iris contraction, the lens effects changes , zoom lens changes, strobe light changes, and so on. In recent years, some computer manufacturers have begun to consider connecting the computer lights with the video equipment so that the computer can be projected out infinitely variable light patterns and produce a richer brilliant artistic effects.

Controlling Features

Computer Light is composed of actuators and control components. The changes of computer output of lighting, that is to say, changes of beam movement, changes of lights colors, changes of the projected patterns and changes of brightness intensity, are manipulated and completed by the optical device of executive motor. Control scanner is controlled by the computer. Each computer is equipped with one or a few light CPU. Through the processing of the CPU, the computer console lights reflected light gives art instruction is sent to every movement motor. Through the processing of the CPU, instruction for showing lighting art given by computer console lights is sent to every action motor. These control commands are a bundle of a digital computer signals issued by computers, each corresponding to a change of operation of the motor with a numeric code and a change in the output light beam corresponding to each of a set of numbers. Now the control signal commonly used is DMX512 signal.

Features Scanners Use

Computer light source is usually provided by a gas discharge lamp with high color temperature light output alone (5600 ~ 6300k) and low color temperature light output ordinary lamps light (2900 ~ 3200k). Therefore, the computer lights are generally applicable to the use of light as an effect. It can produce wonderful pictures with splendid lighting effects by television cameras (color temperature is generally adjusted 2900 ~ 3200k). In addition, due to the high cost of computer lights, it makes use of its mobility characteristics. It can not be as fixed as general lighting in the studio. According to the requirements of program production, It is ready to replace the location and venue. Continuous process to transportation and installation is very easy to cause damage to the fixture.

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