Distinguishing the Detective Power Standard of Laser Light projector

Many domestic manufacturers of laser light projector, due to a lack of laser expertise, often unintentionally report higher laser power than the real power to mislead customers for the purpose of promoting sales, for example, 50mw laser is often reported as 100mw; 500mw green laser is reported as 1000mw. If there is no laser expertise, experience or measurement tools, identification of the actual power of the laser light is indeed difficult, if you actually have doubts about the power of laser light, the easiest way is to compare the two on-site laser light or laser aspects ask expert. If you have no professional knowledge or experience or measurement tools, you will find it difficult to identify the actual power of the laser light. But if you actually have doubts about the power of laser light, the easiest way is to compare the two on-site lasers lighting or ask laser experts for help.

green laser shows

With such merits, like bright colors, high brightness, good point, long range, easy to control, lasers lighting looks more magical and fantastic. Due to its merit of zero divergence, laser beams are often used in many occasions, such as buildings, parks, plazas, theaters as well as a variety of performances, to catch people’ eyes from a few kilometers. And its issuing point becomes the focus of attention from the laser. If placing lasers lighting in the tall buildings or scenic area in mountains, you will be amazed at the bunch of shining bright green light from afar. The laser beam can swing up and down within a radius of several kilometers to show its amazing gorgeous face.

For outdoors, laser light projector emitted by a laser fired water curtain, buildings or walls and laser can move quickly under the control of the laser scanning system to form text and graphics for viewing. As for indoor viewing, such as in theaters, nightclubs, dance halls and other places, with some dry ice smoke, a laser beam can also form text, graphics and animation effects by scanning. Music can also be played with wonderful laser light show and its gorgeous bright colors must be intoxicating! Certainly, laser lighting is often used in nightclubs, dance halls, theater, outdoor advertising, the landmarks, as well as a variety of performances.

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