Consists points of Stage lighting design

Space means of expression 

research for Features performance of lighting equipment

Floodlights: Heaven and Earth bank lights, foot lights, and top floodlights.

Spotlight: convex poly lights, soft spotlight.

No lens spotlight: back light, PAR lamps and sealing bulbs, which included parallel, light harvesting type, soft type, and scattering Light type, etc. 

Imaging Spotlight: shape lights and imaging inserts, track lights 

Slide effect lighting: water ripple slide, running clouds slide, PANI slide and other effects lighting, etc.

Computer Light: Light body rotating form, the mirror moving form, which integrated with changing color, shape imaging, and motion changing. 

Special projectors lamps: effects equipment, changing color equipment, aerosol, digital computer projectors equipment, etc. 

function of each part of the controllable silicon dimmer and dimmer console. 

Colored lights filter: Various colors, color temperature, dimmer, reflective film, soft tablets, etc. 

Demo laser: to complete the scanning means under the computer control with colored low power laser generating. 

Secondary effects equipment: smoke generator and exhaust, air blower equipments. 

Snow generator, soap bubbles generator, carbon dioxide fumes, liquid nitrogen, fried tobacco, paper fireworks, and dry ice etc. 

Research and apply performance of lighting and the material characteristics of lighted objects. 

Material – reflecting diffuse light, transmission through a semi-permeable hard and soft supple not absorb reflection law 

Material – Textile materials – cotton, satin, velvet, linen, and gauze.

Metallic materials – gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Natural materials – wood and stone, earth, brick, and plant. Synthetic material – nylon, plastic, foam materials, PVC board. Smoke materials – ethylene glycol smoke, oily retention type smoke, dry ice smoke, fried smoke low-nitrogen.

Performance results – positive cast, anti-investment, 2D, 3D, relief, texture, point, line, surface, level, through the air, glow silhouette, half silhouettes and so on.

Performance characteristics – mesh, rope, veil curtain, bar screen, frame, lighting boxes, etc. 

The research and basic concept of lighting modeling: the feelings and performance. Lighting basis – study of lighting for static character. the four elements of lighting. 

Main light: the themes and viewpoints need to determine the direction of the main light, the main light is stronger than other light, using spotlights and other hard lighting to illuminate. 

Auxiliary light: Is the complement and supplement for the main light and have the modification. Simulated natural reflected light with soft light illumination. 

Backlight: Add light on the basis of main light. It may be stronger than the main light, but also could below the main light while stronger than auxiliary light, and have the effect of decoration and modeling. 

Light ratio: Proportion of light and dark on the parties affected. It can be adjusted according to the creation needs to obtain the desired results.

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