Light-bit function of Stage Lighting

Ceiling spotlight


It’s mounted above the stage. The light in the top of the auditorium, are pointed with one, two, three road. The light boxes back of the floor surface, and the central spotlights, also have a similar effect.

It mainly toward to the performance area in the front of the stage (such as the line 8-10m after the big screen), and used to shape for the characters or form the object-dimensional effect on the stage.

Equipped with lighting: spotlights, back light


Ambient light

The lamp provided in upstairs both sides of the theater auditorium, the light toward to the stage performance area from the two sides.


device and use: as filled light for the ceiling spotlight

Equipped with lighting: same as ceiling spotlight

The lamps in both side, are mounted on the left and right sides of the stage curtain outside the station and near the entablature, the light from the side toward to the stage performance area. Device and use: is similar with ceiling spotlight, and shine to the stage crossly, which used to strengthen the three-dimensional stage sets, props and characters. Equipped with spot lamp and return light . 

The lighting in the top of the stage, typically mounted on the rise and fall hanger, and mainly used to lighting in the field after the stage, the order is one, two, three, four proscenium.

device and use: shooting to the stage performance area, and mainly used for occasions which need strong light from the upside.

Equipped with spotlight, return light and floodlight, column light

Mounted inside the proscenium stage, from the inside to the performance area, and could be divided into No. one, No. two and No. three column light. Also call inner sides-light. Device and use: remedy the insufficient of ceiling light and Sides-light.

Equipped with low power spotlight and subdued light.

Obliquely shine to the actors and the big screen from the apron stage.Device and use: remedy the over precipitous ceiling spotlight, and eliminate the shadows front of the actors, toward to the curtain when closing, and change colors of curtain.

Shine to the stage from height of both sides of the stage flyover, and could be divided into No. one road sidelight, No. two road side light, and No. three sidelight. It’s also known as bridge light. Device and use: As auxiliary lighting to lighting actors’ faces, and reinforce scenery hierarchy. 

Device and use: to strengthen atmosphere; and its angle can be temporary mobility. Its height is about 2 m,and generally with higher power. It shines to the actors from sides. Equipped with spotlights, return light, and soft light..

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