Application Effect of the LED stage lights

LED stage lighting will bring a new visual arts feeling to the audience.

Taiwan lighting art as a form of visual art has been normally applied in foreign countries, but interiorly it is from 2007 began to appear on the stage, and displayed on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and opening and closing ceremonies. It’s can be foreseeable that in future, the LED will provide a new way to use in the film and television studio lighting arts. Compared with the traditional stage lights, LED can decorate the space more beautiful with its bright colors. In the modern environmental art design, stage art design and interior decoration, etc., LED can achieve the perfect combination of light and art. Microcomputer-controlled LED stage light products can be combined with the traditional led screen, when setting up the venues and programs, and can render more refined performance. This is a demand on the audience in terms of doing the most effective combination changes in the light, in order to achieve the perfect effect lighting atmosphere. This is a kind of new experience.

LED stage lighting using have important mean to energy saving.

Energy saving is the core issue of human life resources and the sustainable development strategy,it is equally important in the of area television show. According to the data released by the NDRC, currently the traditional lighting power used in our existing studio, theaters, venues, is hundreds of small tiles, mostly a few kilowatts, and so you can imagine the power consumption of resources. If All of these functional lighting are to be changed with energy-efficient LED lights, it could saving 60 billion kw/h alone annually, and reduce 60 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, thus it will make an important contribution to our energy reduction. 

LED stage lights will help users to save maintenance cost.

The advantages of LED stage lighting : though currently the initial installation cost in venues of LED stage lights is a lot more expensive than traditional lamps, however, the cost of maintenance and using is much lower than that of traditional stage lights. For example, the life of a common thread spotlight is only 750 hours, and the power is 2000 watts, while the life of a led light can reach 50,000hours, and a 200W led could have the same effects with the former. Calculated in accordance with lights six hours a day, the annual operating cost of led is only about one-fifth of the common thread spotlight. Over time, the cost saved can not be Inconsiderable. In addition, because the LED is cold light source, and it release very little heat, thus could reduces air conditioning costs, which in turn saves a small fortune spending.

LED stage lights have broad prospects, but it still have insufficient need to be improved

As a new light source technology, currently there is some technical problems to be solved if replace the traditional stage lighting with LED stage lighting in large-scale. Like the misuse and have glare before vidicon, and un-adjustable angle, and so on, but Mr. Andy thinks these won’t stop the widespread use of led staging lights. Because these problems will continue to be improved in terms of design, manufacture, and application in the future, and the art effects of LED stage lighting will eventually become more perfect, and more quickly to achieve widespread application.

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