The essentials to buy laser light projector

Except for the professional computer stage moving head lights, new LED stage lights, it also have the non-outmoded stage laser light with a magical charm. Many lamps create a dreamy effect, whether it is in a large square room of a large studio or outdoors, all have such a true feeling.

When buying a laser light, you should note the following

1.You should note the Power and the spot diameter when buying stage lights.

Laser light beam has a fatal injury to the human eyes, the greater of the power, the more dangerous of the light. If the stationary green laser beam with spot diameter less than 2mm, and power greater than 100mW directly irradiated human skin, then people will have a burning feeling within a few seconds. When the stationary green laser beam with the same spot, and power more than 300mW shines directly on the clothes, within one minute, the clothes may be burn. So, absolutely not look!

When laser showing, the laser beam is spread by high-speed galvanometer scanning, although the laser power is relatively large, but after opening sweep of the laser power density per unit area has been very low, so it usually will not cause irreversible damage to eyes. However, if there is malfunction caused by the scanning galvanometer or circuit , when the laser beam in the normal scanning process and then suddenly stops moving, also this laser beam is just shine in your eyes, then it depend on the fate.

Laser show is good-looking, but very dangerous! To solve this problem later, developed countries in Europe and US have now developed a set of “laser scanning runaway protection” technology, and laser light equipped with this technology, when an unexpected stop scanning of the laser beam happen, the laser will be automatically shut down immediately. Therefore, in order to protect you and your customer’s eyes, when you buy a laser presentation products must pay attention to that whether the products have “laser scanning fail safe” function, and then to verify this feature.

2.To classify the laser lights


Currently the laser lights which are available in the market could be classified with two groups from the scanning device. One is a simple beam scanning laser lights, this laser light using such low stepper motor scanning, so the effect is only a few simple repetitive beam effects. Another is the galvanometer scanning laser light, and this laser light can usually put out text and animation. Scanning laser light, can be divided into low-speed about 10Kpps of text & animation laser lights and ILDA standard> 30Kpps high-speed block text & animation laser lights. Low-speed galvanometer scanning laser lights usually can neither put complex and high-quality text or animation, nor the “multiple patterns stunt” effect. Cheng Hing laser light plant using> 30Kpps speed galvanometer development of high-grade text animation laser light, not only can put high-quality text and animation, you can also put “multiple patterns stunt” effect.

3.Look at the voice-activated actual effectiveness


Now many laser lights have a “voice-activated” function, the “voice-activated” is actually a very simple laser trigger playback function, and the effect is simple and monotonous. The “laser sync music synthesizer player” is play together after synchronize the laser effects data and the music synthesis data, so in the context of the background music , the laser play orderly and synchronously with the rhythm of the music, thus make the effect usually much better than the” voice-activated ” effect.

4. Note the artistic effects of the animated text

Many of the products in current market which are known as text animation laser lights don’t have the “broken pen” effects, and its text animation image is not so vivid.


5.To see whether it have “multiple laser pattern stunt.”

If the laser light or performing systems have the “multiple patterns stunt” function, then its can put much more abundant pattern effects. In short, the combination effect of one single head laser lights is the equivalent of two ordinary single head laser light.

6.See the merits of “galvanometer” performance.

Galvanometer is a key element that directly affects the quality of putting patterns., is usually good in the case of the same fidelity, a good galvanometer can put more text; Or with the same text number, a good galvanometer can put out the text in a low degree of distortion. If a galvanometer can put in text in high-quality, it also can put in high-quality, and much more laser effect patterns.

7. See “DMX512” is Intelligent or not

In current market, many claimed as “DMX512 control” laser lights basically don’t have programming function, it just a simple patterns invoking, such the effect of such laser light is usually rather monotonous. While the “multi-functional intelligent programming DMX512” provides a powerful programming and pattern effects editing tools. Laser lights have such functions can edit the laser scene effect and procedures directly through DMX512 console, Meanwhile it can organic combine the laser effects scene with traditional stage lighting scene. In short, you can mix the using of laser light with DMX512 controled computer lights, thus can achieve a perfect combination of lighting effects.

8.Look indicator accord with the international standard ILDA or not

If the manufacturer is not a member of ILDA laser light, then its products usually are not designed according to this standard, otherwise, it will increase a lot of costs.

9.To see how is the dust sealing measures

There are some internal optical reflectors inside the laser light, If no internal dust sealing measures, the dust and smoke oil pollute the lens very soon, thus the reflection efficiency will be reduced. Laser lights need to be cleaned after using some time, otherwise its brightness will become very low. But if clean very often, the high-reflection film on the lens will be destroyed, and the reflecting efficiency will become much lower. So the laser light which have no dust sealing measures, though its brightness is ok at first, but it will become darker after using a short period, maybe 1-2 months.

To judge a laser light have dust sealing measures or not, just need to look at if there is a dust-proof glass in the output port of the laser. In not, it must because of the manufacturer want to reduce the cost, and didn’t use the dust-proof measures. Thus kind of laser light, its cost performance is very inferior, as it actual lifespan is very short.

10.To see whether the nominal power is true or not.

Many domestic manufacturers of laser light maybe are lack of specialized knowledge in laser, always intentionally or unintentionally to make a false or higher laser power report to mislead the customers, in order to promote the sales, like 50mW laser nominal call 100mW, 500mW green laser nominal call 1000mW. If there is no laser expertise, experience or measurement tools, the identification of the actual power of the laser light is indeed a difficult work, if you actually have doubts about the power of laser light, the easiest way is to compare the two laser light on-site or or ask expert.

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