What is the importance of stage lighting?

Stage lighting has become an important factor to create an atmosphere, attract customers in various types of performances, KTV, bars, dance halls, nightclubs . Stage lighting technology is a profound knowledge. The following are some introduction for the key knowledge of the stage lighting technology.


What are the key lights?


In one scenario, the main light source is the key light. Of course, the key is not necessarily just a light source, but it must be the main source of the whole scene.


The critical importance of stage lighting light.


While the point source is usually placed in the three-quarters position (from the front of the object 45 degrees and 45 degrees up from the center line, this position is often given as a potential use), but according to the specific needs of the scene, behind or below, or any other location from the object.

The key light source is usually the put in first place, and use it to create the initial lighting effects in the scene.


Although the initial placement is a good method to illuminate the object provides, but the image is really monotonous and boring.

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