Stage lighting: Bomgoo BG-330 moving head wash light

Moving head lights are Bomgoo lights completely independent research and development, innovation, shaking his head a high-end version of the computer beyond the lights by hiring experienced international stage lighting R & D team launched a high-quality range of products. Moving head lights use the unique combination of the most advanced micro-electronic technology and engineering technology, which includes not only the ultra-high light output. More user-friendly features; richer color options; while diverse graphic effects; highly accurate positioning and mobile instant effect switch; enabling lighting designers without the limitations of the imagination, providing a limitless creative freedom , more incisive play real scenario stage space. Moving head lights of the overall structure of condensed, internal modular equipment, the optical, mechanical, electrical three sets of system construction, maintenance convenient; lamp body and chassis perfect combination of upper and lower volume coordination; main bearings rugged, reliable, precise and accurate, suitable for all kind of suspension hanging.

Technical Parameters:

1, Light Specifications: OSRAMSHARXSHTI1500W/D7/60 double-ended gas bubbles; 

2, rated voltage: AC200V-250V, 50/60Hz; 

3, Rated power: 1830W @ 220V; 

4, the light output: 1,500 W/750W can automatically switch, automatic regulation of wind; 

5, high-speed zoom: electronic linear zoom system 9 ° -63 °;

6, stepless Focus: Electronic linear focus system Focus 2 m to infinity; 

7, high-speed Aperture: 5-100% linearly adjustable electric aperture beam size, with iris macro function effect; 

8, linear dimming: device independent dimming 0-100% linear dimmer; 

9, high-speed stroboscopic: Independent strobe device, strobe speed 1-22 times per second; 

10 fixed colors: a fixed color wheel (7 colors + white), with half color / rainbow effect; 

11, color mixing system: CMY + CTO linear blending, unlimited color options; 

12 Color Correction: 6000K-2700K linear calibration system; 

13, the dynamic pattern: a rotating gobo wheel (6 gobos + white), variable speed jitter / bidirectional rotation effect, linear pattern reorientation; 

14, the static pattern: one fixed gobo wheel (7 gobos + white), variable speed jitter / bi-directional rotation effect;

15, the imaging system: a 90 ° rotation of linear imaging plate; 4 fast cutting movement of the imaging sheet, can generate a variety of different geometric shapes and sizes. 

16, a prism effect: two-way speed rotating prism effect 

17, softening effect: softening effect generated by synchrotron Zoom 

18, horizontal / vertical: horizontal angle 540 ° / 630 °, vertical angle 270 °, the three-phase motor only provides rapid and smooth movement of the noise elimination can be significantly 

19 control channels: 51 (Extended) / 35 (standard) / 32 (streamline) control mode selection; 

20, light body weight: 45Kg electronic ballast 

21 Protection: IP20 

22, lighting Packing: waterproof and shockproof air box or carton 

23, lighting accessories: manual one; Insurance rope 2; lamp hook 2; 5 m signal line 1


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