Leaking internal structure and working principle of moving head lights

The main optical system design considers light flux utilization. Specific performance indicators include light intensity, uniformity, saturation, spot size. Impact of these indicators there are two elements. First, the light source, the second is an optical system structure and material selection. At present, domestic and foreign manufacturers, users basically recommended OSRAM or PHILIPS 1200W short arc double-ended metal gas discharge lamps. Its characteristic is a compact, high brightness, high color temperature and can maintain a relatively stable color temperature. The disadvantage is that the stratification within this tube filler. I.e., filler or ribbon occurs in the arc of the arc tube forming the condensation to form a shadow effect, the design of the optical structure to be controlled in the minimum range. In the optical structure for mixing to obtain a uniform beam, a parabolic mirror may be used, or a narrow beam divergence to be collected, processed, or the scale should be selected mirror surface texture. The use of specular reflector material system is better than a refraction system. When a light beam from a few need to be light, or a combination of lenses then we can be a refractive prism system. At present, domestic and foreign 1200W moving head fixtures in optical design, lens combinations are used way of non-spherical (ie parabolic) quartz lenses and other components.   The most important characteristic of a parabolic lens is placed at the focal point of the light source, a parallel light flux obtained. In the optical design, the need to take into account the relationship of light intensity distribution curve shape, the shape and size of the light source, lens aperture size and light reflection between.   A wide range of mechanical systems include materials, structure, mechanical properties, housing requirements, cooling requirements, etc. Material Selection major considerations are: to meet the functional requirements of light, ease of manufacture and economy. At present, the international and domestic 1200W moving head light materials are mainly steel, plastic, aluminum. In consider the overall function of the lamp to meet the prerequisite, the lamp design of the structural model, divided into different parts, with different materials. As CMT-1200W moving head light, light body shell is made of plastic, light body support frame, base, side panels, side panels made of aluminum alloy castings, stamping parts, car parts. The structure of the lamp determines the mechanical properties, thermal, strength, noise, weight, and other factors.   International and domestic 1200W moving head light arms are used to support the structure, light body horizontal rotation of 540 °, vertical rotation of 255 °, the base portion to be done to strengthen the process to meet the requirements of moving lights hanging flip. Mechanical properties of the lamp body, mainly in the mechanical strength of the lamp body parts, so that the lamp body to work effectively within a continuous period of time, deformation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, seismic, pressure. Lamp housing must be strictly waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, moisture requirements. According dustproof and waterproof different we will divisions in different degrees of enclosure protection class requirements. As protection for indoor use scanners typically required level IP20, outdoor fixtures required level of protection is usually IP44. 1200W high-power computer light mechanical structure, the cooling requirements is essential, if the cooling system defects usually cause electrical parameter drift, color film, film rupture, appears plaque, resulting in crashes, serious consequences out of step, out of control, etc.

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