LED beam moving head light have a very wide range of colors


Moving lights have a very wide range of colors to meet the requirements of the overwhelming majority of lighting design,careful selection of a suitable color wheel combined into a high-quality filter change is possible. All filters are interchangeable. There are five concentric color harmony and UV radiation. Color fixed or at an intermediate position, speed color change 006 seconds / time. There is no closed light color can be changed, besides CMY color mixing system can produce endless colors.

Color Correction

Disc-shaped gradient color temperature correction filter combine with the entire visible color range.The rang of linear regulation from 3200K to 5600K. So that employees can minimize the color temperature correction operation and the light will be got a little higher so cool shade or improved.


Dimming make light propagation more softer and more numerous color combinations. Dimmers can get different levels of diffusion beam and make sufficient light diffusing.

Controlled optical device

Unique and innovative light control system and the switch control system can be freely combined speed and the light source can be reduced according to the operation required. It has low noise (less than 30 db) to meet the needs of different places. Switching instantaneous speeds of up to 0.01 seconds.


Mute fast adjustable strobe can be adjusted within the range 0.5 to 12 per second. When at full speed strobe effect, it can be controlles by more manual. There are two strobe slices closure system that can be completely blocked beam without light leakage.


Cone filter, soft filter or lens thread.

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