Precautions for moving lights

  • Before disassembling or installing the lamp, fuses, or other parts, please cut off the AC power.
  • The ground wire of the computer moving head lights must be connected.
  • Use only the AC power with overload and grounding protection.
  • The moving head lights should not be exposed to rain or moisture ground.
  • Prevent UV (ultraviolet) radiation and lamp explosion.
  • The lens and the outer cover of moving head light are missing or damaged, must not be used.
  • Before replace the lamp, open the cover or removing the lamp, making the computer lights cool for at least 15 minutes first. Wear gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes.


  • Prohibiting look at lit bulb.
  • If the lamp is damaged, worn or more than life, please replace it.


  • Thermostat switch and fuse must not be short circuited, bad fuse must use the same model replacement.
  • Moving head light should be kept away from combustible material (for example fabric, wood, paper) one meter at least.


  • Lighting fixtures should be at least 2 m far from any surface.
  • Cooling fans and vents of the moving head must be kept away from the surrounding at least 0.1 meters of space.
  • Front of the lens must be no obstructions.
  • Fixtures surface will be very hot, so they be cooled before operating.
  • Ambient temperatures should not exceed 40℃ when equipment is powered.
  • Hanging installation, make sure that bracket can withstand 10 times the weight of all the computer lights.
  • Ensure that all covers and mounting parts with stable quality.
  • When installing or removing fixtures, please prevent outsiders from entering the work area.

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