BG-RGB3500 Full Colour Laser Light Show Projector Analogue ILDA with 40KPPS

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Animation 3w laser light show

Laser Light Show BG-RGB-3500 Specifications

Model BG-RGB3500 Total Laser Power 3500mW
Laser Safety Class 3 Power Supply 90-250VAC(Automatic adjustment)
Frequency 50-60Hz Modulation Analog > 50KHz
Beam Diameter 3-4mm Divergence < 1.0 mrad
Gross Weight 21kg Packing Size 620mm*420mm*380mm
Laser Diode Diode Laser/Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Laser Color Red&Green&Blue&Yellow&White
Laser Wavelength G:532MW 1W +R:650nm1500mw+B:450nm1w
Scan System ILDA-20-40Kpps, +/- 30degreen,max 60,000pps, X/Y Scan Angle max 60 optical
Play Mode Sound Active/Auto-Play/Master-Slave/DMX 512/PC(ILDA standard connector)

The RGB laser has following advantages: small size, low power, light weight, simple operation, long service life,no need of maintenance. Built in special beam shapings and animation patterns are quite suitable for nightclub, commercial advertising, each events and so on. Any patterns you want can be displayed through professional software.

This laser come with professional ILDA interface. No matter if graphics projections, beam shows or professional advertising – this units work on highest professional level.

You can adjust the color balance and x/y shift by trim pots on the back side of the case. This laser consists of three laser parts which are Green laser 532MW 1W, Red laser 650nm 1500mw, Blue laser 450nm 1w. Reduced consumer to budget preciously not only so, more achieve perfect adornment result easy. If the laser configuration does not fit your needs, we can in accordance with your request, to develop new products or improving existing products.

The laser come standard with Advanced Scan Fail Safety.

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