Wonderful Effects 1600mw 8 Claws Led Laser UFO Lighting for DJ

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Wonderful Effects 8 Claws Led Laser UFO Light For Stage Show


1. Can project several laser beams from the laser UFO
2.360 degrees rotating  reflex system,make laser effects more shaking.
3. The Laser UFO can be controlled by DMX512, you can edit programs in advance
4. Easy to install and operate
5. Wonderful effect, affordable price
6.Applicable for Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Bar, family party etc

Laser Diode:Diode Laser / Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Total Laser Power:  1600mw(Selectable Power:1600~2000mw)
Red Laser: Wavelength:650nm,Laser Power:150mw
Green Laser: Wavelength:532nm,Laser Power:50mw
Power Supply:90-250V
Frequency:  50~60Hz
Scan System: Micro-step motor scanner,big angle scanning
Play Mode: Sound Active/Auto-Play/DMX512/Master-Slave

Flight Case Size:780x 780x 620mm
Gross Weight:24kg

Notes:green,blue,green-blue,red-blue Or Rgb Laser Ufo Also Can Be Made With This Case

The 1600mW UFO LED laser lights can radiate the bright red and green laser patterns with strong power that up to 25 meters away. Be best used in indoor environment and also can make a pleasant addition when you are holding a house party or rave. Equipped with a mounting bracket, make it can be hanging on anywhere you like. However, this is just the beginning function that this device presented.


By boasting three display modes, when you sit down to watch the effects it demonstrates, you can be enchanted by the amazing show that this laser radiates. In automatic mode, the projector will continually demonstrate unique and fascinating laser pattern designs in a hot red, blue and green color; when converting to sound activation mode, the music actually be awaken to play the beat of the music. In “still” mode the lasers do not move, but flash different patterns on the wall quickly, a visually pleasing strobe effect will be in front of your eyes.

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  1. I’m interested in the 1600 mw 8 Claws Led Laser UFO Lighting for DJ.
    Please let me know of the price

  2. At first, I was attracted by its design. Really pretty. But when I got this item, I am absorbed by its effects. Really wonderful!

  3. I am throwing a Dance Party and I was wondering how much the UFO Lighting cost to use. We have currently 200 RSVP for our party and it would be a nice touch to our party. Our dance party is on Dec. 5 and hopefully this isn’t too late of a notice for a rental. Contact me whenever your free. THANK YOU!

  4. how much coast this and if you can send me in Greece Rhodes island to Archagelos village!!!!tHANK YOU

  5. Hi.

    iam interested in to buy two of this rgb led ufo, to be ship to Nicaragua i pay by paypal you have my e-mail i hope you can contact me soon.

  6. iam intersted in buy two rgb led ufo and ship it to Nicaragua pay by pay pal please contact me soon you have my mail i import lights to Nicaragua.

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