BG-RG-003 200mw double lens fat beam laser stage light projector

BG-RG-001-200mw double lens fat beam laser stage light projector

Dj double lens RG laser stage light with 200mw

Model Number:BG-RG-003

Product more informations

  • Port:shenzhen
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union
  • Supply Ability:30000 Pieces per Month

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 two lens mini disco laser light red green stage laser light Dj double lens RG laser stage light


Laser Diode: Diode Laser/ Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Total Laser Power: 200mw(Selectable Power 100-200mw)
Red Laser: Wavelength:650nm,Laser Power:150mw
Green Laser: Wavelength:532nm,Laser Power:50mw
Power Supply:90-250VAC
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Scan System: Micro-step motor scanner, big angle scanning
Play Mode: Sound Active/Auto-Play/DMX512/Master-Slave
Inner Packing Size: 335×235×185mm
Gross Weight: 2.9kg
Outer Packing Size: 780×410×440mm
Total Weight: 19kg

Notes:Red,Green,Green-Blue,Red-Blue,Green-Pink Double Heads Laser also can be made with this case


The Single Multicolored Red + Green 200mW is the first laser in Multi-Head Laser Show Projector Series. If you are looking for more than one colors but a single output, this one will be your best choice. The perfect blending of these two separate lasers inside, a entirely creative and novel laser show will be presented in front of your eyes. Although the green and red be separated, but they cooperated with each other very well and display its own ability adequately, for which create a simple but complicated laser in a small package. What the best thing that the single multicolored can be done is to combine with a number of lasers( especially that of red and green color) and blending perfectly and work great , especially as a center piece.

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