New 6 Patterns Mini Red and Green Laser Stage Light

Mini Red and Green Laser Stage Light

Mini Red and Green Laser Stage Light

Price : US $15 – $40 / Unit

Quality guarantee for one year

Model Number:BGMNB62RG

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RGB Full Colors Laser


Green: 20mW 532nm
Red: 80mW 650nm

6 beautiful gobo laser effects coming from laser apperture. Red and green beams shootted out from the aperture within 40 angles, the effect of auto, movement speed, sound sensitivity and strobe speed.Compact and lightweight.High quality aluminum alloy housing.Low power consumption.


1.Control model : Auto/voice/Master-Slave          
2, Power stability:5%     
3, Laser output wavelength(nm):635

4.Laser tube life : 10000 H

5, Green laser lights and more stars pattern, with high precision stepper motor.    

6, Colorful patterns, with the stars, rotating drops, petals, four spin-heart flowers. Color changing red, green, red and green             

7, Voice-activated, self-propelled, rotating, turn on or turn off light, strobe and other features.

Cooling system: fan cooling system forced, Scanning:Micro-step motor scanning at big angle, aser output wavelength(nm):635, Function: ego-control and sound activated.

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