Automatic Mini Single Green Laser Projector with Sound Activation

master motor single green laser lights

30-80mw master motor single green laser lights

Model Number:BG-G-002

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Green Laser light with ILDA interface DMX control single green laser light for DJ Green Laser Light


Laser Diode: Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Wave Length: 532nm(Green)
Laser Power: 50mw(Selectable Power:30-80mw)
Power Supply: 90-250VAC
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Scan System: Micro-step motor scanner, big
angle scanning
Play Mode: Sound Active/Auto-play/DMX512/

Inner Packing Size: 280×225×155 mm
Gross Weight: 2.5kg
Outer Packing Size:720×600×360mm
Total Weight: 33kg(12pcs)

Notes:Red,Blue ,Violet Laser Light,also can be made with this case

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Green laser feature

The Upgraded Green Laser falls under a heading as the original as one of the hot selling lasers. Equipped with the upgraded power, it can create the same effects with the original , but more clarify, brightness and strength. By connecting two of them together, you can best use in some of the biggest clubs and venues. Like a whole hotel banquet hall as well as multiple 1000+ person venues(as you can see with the video below), it create the ever best effects brilliantly and stunning. It is the best possible professional level laser, and the price deserve the appraisal. It also can equipped with full LED lighting sets for a amazing effects. This laser will be much popular and never go out of fashion.

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