Professional high quality cost-effective green laser lights for parties

Professional high quality cost-effective green laser lights for parties

Single green laser light (Selectable Power:30-80mw)

Model Number:BG-G-001

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Green Laser light with ILDA interface DMX control single green laser light for DJ Green Laser Light


Laser Diode: Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Wave Length: 532nm(Green)
Laser Power: 50mw(Selectable Power:30-80mw)
Power Supply: 90-250VAC
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Scan System: Micro-step motor scanner, big
angle scanning
Play Mode: Sound Active/Auto-play/DMX512/

Inner Packing Size: 305×195×150 mm
Gross Weight: 2.2kg
Outer Packing Size: 620×615×320mm
Total Weig ht: 27kg(12pcs)

Notes:Red,Blue ,Violet Laser Light,also can be made with this case

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The green laser lights is, in essence, the silvery white version of the regular style green Laser. It is of the deep green color & can give off 4 beams together, of which can create a more intense show. As we know it, green is not the brightest color, but it is still can bring a pleasant and unique atmosphere and cover the lightning of an entire party. Though, as specified with the original green version it is recommended that you go with the Upgraded high power green Laser unless you’re going more for the design effect or using it in really dark parties. The upgrade one is really worthwhile to have it, as it can perfectly combine with other lasers.

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