Mini RGB Animation Grating Laser Light for sale 230mw

Mini animation laser show projector

Mini animation laser show projector Laser Power:230MW Quality guarantee for one year

Model Number:BG-MN-016

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sound active full color animation laser light show high power laser Two in one mini laser led


Power Supply: 90~250VAC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Fuse Wire:BGDP ¢5x20mm 1A
Rated Power:15W
Laser Power:230mw
Laser Diode:Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)/Diode Laser
Laser Class:3B
Laser Power/Wavelength:(can be made Red-Green,Blue-Green,Red-Blue,Single Color)
Red Laser:100mw/650nm
Green Laser:50mw/532nm
Blue Laser: 80mw/445nm
Scan System:ILDA 8Kpps
Play Mode:Sound Active/Auto- Play
Net Weight:1.75Kg
Gross Weight :2.4Kg
Packing Size:285×195×150mm
Outer Packing Size:59x42x33cm(8pcs)

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Mini RGB Animation Grating Laser Light BG-MN-016 Feature

The Red + Green + Yellow + star Laser stage lighting is in all probability one of the most creative lasers available. Why say like this? Because it is combining the best of almost all the colors that blending them perfectly, you not only get the best effects, but an extremely colorful laser shows that perfect for any type of show you can imagine. You definitely can get a new experience when you turn it on. it is definitely one of the best most unique available. If you want to use in bigger show, please keeping the array of colors, we have the upgraded version available – that is with 100mW purple being one of the dimmer laser, then adding a new laser that can convert the purple 100mW to a blue 100mW – 470nm.

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