Remote control Mini laser projector BGMNF20RG

Remote control Mini laser projector

Mini laser stage projector BGMNF20RG

Price : US $15 – $30 / Unit

Quality guarantee for one year

Model Number:BGMNF20RG

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Mini laser projector Remote control Mini laser Mini laser projector BGMNF20RG


Green: 50mW 532nm DPSS
Red: 100mW 650nm DPSS

4 beautiful gobo laser effects coming from laser apperture. Red and green beams shootted out from the aperture within 40 angles, the effect of auto, movement speed, sound sensitivity and strobe speed.Compact and lightweight.High quality aluminum alloy housing.Low power consumption.


1.About the laser of laser Module, the disadvantage is that the lifetime is short, and it is easy to become dark ,  it can be used for 2000~3000 hours , please check its’ output supply , is it 5 V DC, 1000mA or a lower voltage ? Please note that the laser lamp is smaller .


For our MiNi Stage Lighting, we use the DPSS laser and Diode red laser, we promise you that we offer you is real and true laser power ! The lifetime is up to 6000-10000 hours , and the output supply is 12 V DC, 1500mA . Please note that the laser is more bigger .


2.About the motor of toy motor, it is the simple DC Manchine Motor, it does not have the distinguish between anode and cathode . And it changes according to the steady speed . The angle is about 30 degree .It has the single laser effecting .Please note that the size is smaller .


Abot our MiNi Stage Laser Lighting, we use the Micro-Step motor, it can make the difference patterns, and the speed can be changable, it can up to 70~80 Angles , is a big angle scanning . It has the high capacity and speed microprocessor .Please note that the size and weight is higher .


For that products used the Laser Module and toy motor, it can be used for small places, like home party , but for our MiNi Stage Lighting can be used for Disco , Clubs, KTV , Pub, Bar, family party , etc .it is more professional and widely used products .

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