Mini 130mw Moving Party Laser Stage Light+Micro-step motor scanner

100-200mw mixed-function falling star laser lighting show projector

Hot Sale Mini Twinkle Laser Light Laser power:130mw Quality guarantee for one year

Model Number:BG-MN-010

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disco equipment Moving Party Laser Stage Light Muti effects Chrismas home party light


Laser Diode: Diode Laser/Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Total Laser Power: 200mw(Selectable Power:100-200mw)
Red Laser: Wavelength: 650nm,Laser Power:100mw
Green laser:Wavelength: 532nm,Laser Power:30mw
Power Supply:90-250VAC
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Control:High capacity and speed microprocessor.
Scan System: Micro-step motor scanner,big angle scanning
Play Mode: Sound Active/Auto-Play

Inner Packing:28.5 x 19.5 x 15cm
N.W.:1.4 kg G.W.:1.8 kg
Outer Packing: 59 x 42 x 33cm /8pcs
N.W.:11.2 kg G.W.:15 kg

Notes:Red-Blue,Greeb-Blue,Red,Blue,Green Twinkling effects,also can be made with this case

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Multi-Effects Twinkling Laser Light Feature

The 130mW Twinking Laser projector consists of a lighter green and red laser & a dark red one by combining them together. It is our new combinations of the lasers, and a well-match pair that create the best effect to excel in any situation. With some trial runs to a few customers, it is nothing less than good reviews that we have received and also gained repeat orders. If looking for a little more power, bigger area coverage and a darker effect, the quad version with 650nm red laser can meet your needs, instead of a 638nm one.

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