Falling Star Laser Effect light with Red and Blue sound actived

Red-Blue Mini Disco Laser Light

Hot Multi-Effects Twinkling Laser Light Quality guarantee for one year

Model No:BG-MN-005

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Amazing DJ Moving Head Firefly Laser Falling Star Laser Effect light Multi-effects Twinkling Party Laser Light


1.Within a eight hole rotating disk pattern and as much as 16 gratings can make up 8 different effects,with the program can create falling stars,firefly,galactic nebula etc abundant effects,each point has a dynamic effect,a wide scanning area ,can rotate the images quickly.
2.Applicable for Disco,Clubs,KTV,Pub,Bar,family party etc
3.Safe Capacity:Design according to security and good performance,safe to human and environment

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Power Supply:90~250VAC , 50~60Hz
Fuse Wire:BGDP ¢5x20mm 2A
Rated Power:25W
Laser Power:200mw
Laser Diode:Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)/Diode Laser
Laser Class:3B
Laser Power/Wavelength:(can be made Red-Green,Blue-Green,Red-Blue)
Red Laser:150mw/650nm
Green Laser:50mw/532nm
Scan Syetem:Micro Step Motor+DC Motor
Optical Angle:+/-30°
Play Mode:Sound Active/Auto- Play/DMX512/Master-Slave
DMX Channel:7
Control Signal:International Standard DMX-512 1990 signal
Net Weight:2Kg
Gross Weigh:2.5Kg
Packing Size: 330x260x190mm
Outer Packing Size:65x51x41cm(8pcs)

Twinkling laser light feature

The Twinkling laser light is the upgraded version of the classic 300mW Red and Blue. So it has the same characteristics & functions with the classic 100mW Green. It is the best choice for anyone who is looking for a cool laser show that packs a little more punch and brightness than the 300mW. Also it is the best for large venues because it can cover a large areas. Two of these together running in a club, makes it fully display the abilities of all they can, and create the classic green laser effect perfectly . Like its former, that can combine with Dual Blue Laser for one of the most epic laser shows available.

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