Halloween Laser and decorations Red-Blue Mini Disco Laser Light

mini laser light TTL modulation laser show system

200mW Red And Green Mini falling star Laser Stage Light

Modle No: BG-MN-03

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150MW mini falling star laser light falling star disco laser light Green Falling Star Laser Effect light


Laser Diode:Diode Laser/ Diode Pumped
Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Total Laser Power: 200mw
Red Laser: Wavelength: 650nm,Laser Power:150mw
Green laser:Wavelength: 532nm,Laser Power:50mw
\Power Supply:12VDC
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Control:High capacity and speed microprocess
or.Scan System: Micro-step motor scanner,big angle scanning
Play Mode: Sound Active,Auto-Play
Inner Packing Size:195×140×90mm
Gross Weight:1.1kg
Outer Packing Size:410×300×280mm
Total Weight:15kg (12pcs)

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Mini falling star laser light

The 200mW mini falling star laser Laser is the first of the dual collection. Its only weakness lies in power lowered in numbers when compared with other lasers, except for that, the green color is ranked as one of the clearest and brightest in the Laser field. It possesses all the functions of this have, like can be linked with other unit together for a full synchronized laser show, and create a stunning combination effects with other lasers of all different colors. This laser is definitely the best using for small-medium sized venues and parties, as it covers quite a bit of area with its built in patterns that include cross overs and liquid sky effects. It is so easy to use and will be any user’s best choice. Looking for the best combination lasers, all you have to do is just to find out our prestige Blue Laser & Blue Green Package Deal, they all can perfectly meet your needs.

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