2. Teach you how to choose the stage laser lights

1. See actual effect of acoustic control

Now a lot of laser show light have a “voice control” function and this “voice control” is actually a very simple volume trigger laser display function. The effect is simple and monotonous and the Laser Synchronize music player” is to put the laser effect play together with synchronous synthetic data which is relevant with laser performance music. In conjunction with the background music, Laser speed orderly synchronized with the rhythm of the music player and the effect can not be compared with “voice control” effect.

two heads green laser light

2.、Check the Artistic volume animated text effects

Currently on the market there is no “broken pen” effect in many known text animation laser lights, moreover their text animation art is very poor. The so-called “broken pen” that is, when put in the text, there should be no laser attachment between the two words or between he same words of the strokes. Typically, low-grade laser lighting have no “broken pen” effect, and the distortion degree on the text or animation is very large.

Sharpy four heads Zoom moving head light on Sale

4. To see whether they have “multiple laser pattern effects”

If a laser show light system has “multiple patterns stunt” function, then its effects will be richer. Simply say, such a single head laser light can be in the equivalent of the combined effects of two common single head laser light.

5. See the pros and cons of “scanner system”

The key element—scanner can directly affect the quality of the patterns. Generally, a good scanner system can put more text in the same fidelity. Or in the same amount of text, it will have small word of distortion. A scanner system, which can put high-quality text, can also put in a high quality, multiple-effect patterns.

RGBW 4-in-1 LED beam moving head with CREE lamps

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