The competitiveness of the stage lighting industry market in 2013

Since it derives from the stage lighting, stage lighting to be an integral part of the stage. Now,the level of application of informatization is continuously being improve.The customer of professional stage lighting sound and equipment industry application at the same time pay attention to product experience has been strengthening adaption of laser stage lighting. How can we measure the success of the lighting design for stage? The market is that how to handled in stage lighting.



As people living standard rise, culture,the lighting large opera house of entertainment industry, more and more get citizen reception. On the other hand,a lot of application graphic design has been excellent in many aspects. Large-scale engineering in the domestic lighting market.To the enterprise’s ability to undertake engineering demand higher.



Now,there are 5588 stage enterprises in China, include 4558 lighting, stage machine and speaker enterprises. Industry’s total assets reached 546. 9.7 billion yuan, the main business income of 787. 2.6 billion yuan. Generally speaking, the entertainment industry’s main income scale than total assets.


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