Development of stage lighting technology in china


Since stage lighting emerged, and it became part of stage performances. The importance thing of stage lighting is vision, photorealism,appreciation of the beauty and performance four elements. After years of evolution, stage lighting has been gradually evolving into a more comprehensive advanced lighting system.The first flourishing appear on more than 2000 years ago. At the time of the theatre are open or half open to the sky.The lighting of stage theatre depend on the sun, so the play which can only be performed during daytime. The night performance affected by the weather and light. People have to solve the problem, so the stage lights were invented.


How can we measure the success of the design for theatrical lighting? Meanwhile, whether deal with it properly or not is also related to the level of the quality of the play.The stage lighting should not only illuminates the actor, but also make the audience comfortable.


Due to the development of modern information technology, stage lighting system is today usually computerized.So the higher level of computer requirement for lighting engineer has also been brought forward. It is believed that the performance of the stage lighting system will be further improved with the advanced research and the system maintenance.

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