The laser lights of disco have boundless creative power


“The father of the laser”– XiaoLuo professor who was the Nobel Prize in physics found laser and contribute to the development of laser applications.Industry,military,medicine,mapping, communication, Construction, stage laser light all can hardly do without the help of the Laser.



As early as 1970, Laser light first usded at west German “willy” State opera and were successful and pioneered the laser into the palace of art.The laser new technology is about 10 years from the laser appear to use in application of those performances, but the art world pay much attention to the laser.In the closing ceremonies of the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the laser impressed us tremendously.A wide range of the professional lighting of art performances includes projector lamp, moving light, laser light etc, but the laser light with special effects no one can replace.




One party from opening to closing only use laser than is impossible, that is depends on the features of laser. Near 20 years of practice experience tells us that laser light should be properly used instead of misused when the laser was applied to the art palace.

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