Laser light time to buy there are still many areas requiring attention

how choose laser light

Now,in order to create more brilliant luster, more and more owners of Nightclub want to install laser lights in their
Nightclub,but do you know how to choose better laser lights? What should we pay attention to buy laser?


First, you must know the power and the spot size of laser beam.The greater power of laser, the more harmful will be the impact on people.So We recommend that you choose laser 10w below.


Second, choose with voice control abilities products. Actually this function is use to control the size spot of laser.


Third, please choose the clear and beautiful animation effects of laser and please choose the laser with multiple patterns. Compare observed dimensions with ILDA criteria for acceptance or rejection provided by manufacturer.


Four, please measure the true power of laser.The power of many laser suppliers is unwarrantable, pretend to be high power laser to cheat customer with low experience.


Five, please choose the high quality scanner.The higher scanner the better effect, so please select the light with high scanner.

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