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LED Moving Head 36x5w in Cool White

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Model Number:BG-LED-208A

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  • The new variants incorporate cold and/or warm LEDs instead of RGB for a better white light quality and greater output. Ideal for high lighting skin tones, textiles, or set pieces, the BG-LED-208A white light variants are already finding use in touring applications as a front light, main light, blinder or beam effect.

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Item Specifications

1、Extremely small, fast and powerful LED moving beam.
2、DMX Channels: 15
3、Pan/Tilt: 540°/240°, speed adjustable
4、Smooth electronic dimming: 0-100%
5、Electronic strobe with pulse and random effects
6、High efficiency, low power consumption
7、Super compact, low weight

Voltage: 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
Fuse: T 4A
Power consumption: 200W
Light source: 5W LED x 36 (R8, G10, B10,W8)
Dimension: 304X267X167 mm
Weight: 5.7 kg

Product Description

Our SWIFT LED Moving Head is a very small and smart light. But the brightness is very powerful. This product is designed and manufactured by our factory. It has swift sharp, graceful appearance, small volume, light weight features, but the light beam is very strong, and the stage effect is perfect. Combining the unique appearance and the modern stage demand control software, this light is the embodiment of the newest stage light design and latest stage technology and art in the stage performance industry. It owns very good beam light, and very wonderful color mixing effect. As a SWIFT light, it’s small, but it runs extremely fast. This light is very suitable for bar, disco, stage, theatre, decoration etc.


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