LED beam moving head lighitng 5 in 1 with circle function

dj lights 200w led moving head

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Professional LED Moving Head Light

Model Number:BG-MHL-200

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  • For smooth and precise resolution. High speed of pan/tilt movement, speed of pan/tilt movement is adjustable. Scan position memory, auto reposition after unexpected movement. Strobe effect with 18 flashes per second and pulse effect.

Item Specifications

Voltage : 200W~240V/50-60Hz (100~120V/ 50-60Hz selective )
Ballast : Magnetic-ballast
Lamp : YODN R5 AC 150/190W             
Color temperature : 8500K
Average Lifespan: 2000H
Color : 14 color + blank color wheel
Gobo : 17 fixed gobo + blank gobo
Prism : rotation 8-face prism, Bilateral rotation .
Lens : high precision optical lens
Wash effect : adjustable Wash effects angle  
Focus: linear adjustment
Dimmer : 0-100% linear adjustment
Pan/Tilt : X axis 540° Y axis 250°automatically accurate positioning
Beam angle : parallel beam angel  0 – 3.8°
Strobe : Double lens strobe (0.5-9 times/ second)
Control mode : Standard DMX512, Automatic and Master/ slave mode
Channel : 20 CHS
Controller can open the lamp and reset, including delaying function
Weight : 19.5KG

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  1. I’m interested in buying 8 of these 200w or 230w moving head lights. They’re in lots of places right now including Alibaba, but I’m looking for the best price. Please let me know what the cost would be for 8 & how long shipping would take to USA.

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