130mW Red And Green Firefly Mini Laser Stage Light

Red And Green Firefly Mini Laser Party Stage Light

Price : US $35 – $65 / Unit

Quality guarantee for one year

Model Number:BG-FSRG-017NY

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Modle No
Laser diode
Diode laser/Diode pumped solid state laser(DPSS)
laser power
Laser wavelength
100mw/650nm(Red), 30mw/532nm(Green)
Scanning system
Micro-step motor scanner, big angle scanning
Control mode
Sound Active/Auto-Play
Power supply
High capacity and speed microcessor
Inner packing size
Gross weight
Outer packing size
430*410*280 mm
Total weight


1.Mini laser stage light, Small light,conveniently to be carried.
2.Auto close light when scanner have trouble.
3.Safety Capacity:Design according to security and good performance,safer to human and environment.
4.Twinkling mini laser stage light,more than 2000 red and green beams shootted out from the aperture within 70 angles,the effect of rotating direction,speed and frequently flashing controlled.
5.Advance new program makes unique perfect laser effects.
6.Many current popular effects are combined together into this laser light.
7.Can use remote controller to choose patterns, sound active and auto-play and so on.
8.Mini laser stage light applicable for Disco,Clubs,KTV,Pub,Bar,Family Party, Dj light show etc.

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We use special foam to protect the mini laser stage light,then put in the cartons. Inner packing size:267*65*205mm Gross weight:0.8kg Outer packing size:430*410*280 mm Total weight:11kg(12pcs) Delivery Detail:5-7 days

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