Single green beam laser lighting show for Pub,Bar,Family,Party

50mW Green Laser Party Lights with Step Motor

Price : US $125 – $245 / Unit

Quality guarantee for one year

Model Number:BG-G148

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Laser Power
Green laser power
Laser Diode
Diode laser/DPSS
Laser Class
Play Mode
Sound Active/Auto-Play
Optical Angle
Power Supply
Inner Packing
Gross Weight

Fast scanning DMX animation laser with Laser show software
10 channel DMX 512 operation via laser show software and standard DMX modes
Compatible with lasershow software. e.g Pangolin,Phoenix,Mamba for text and logo input
High speed optical fast scanner creates amazing smooth animations
Playback of ILDA laser show through computer interface
Pre-programmed moving patterns in Auto mode
Sound-to-Light, Auto and DMX 512 modes
Linkable Master/Slave in Sound-to-Light mode
Fan cooled and adjustable hanging bracket

1.Laser Beam show and Animation Show and Text show
2.unique blanking effect
3.Advanced design program, four modes in one: Sound Active, Auto, DMX512, Master/Slave for different applications.

4.Safety Capacity: Design according to security and good performance, safer to human and environment. Auto close light when scanner have trouble
5.Applicable for Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Bar, family party etc

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50mW Green Laser 50mW Green Laser with Step Motor laser light

Micro-step motor scanner

Semiconductor ,diode-pumped solid-state lasers, G: 20~30mW,532nm. Sound active, more than 50 patterns.

One thought on “Single green beam laser lighting show for Pub,Bar,Family,Party”

  1. Pretty cool green laser light. Bought it for up lighting on my DJ booth. Nothing spectacular compared to a beam laser but I did not expect that. Just want lights around my booth to look cool. Would be cool for a kids room to add some effect.

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