RGB hot selling outdoor 3D laser lighting

Multi Colors RGB Disco Laser Light

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Cheap price outdoor RGB 3D laser lighting


Model Number:BG-RGB-235-3D

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  • Power Supply:Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V,50/60HZ. Scanning:Micro-step motor scanning at big angle. Certification:CE,RoHS

Item Specifications

Laser Power
Red laser power
Blue laser power
Green laser power
Laser Color
Green Red Blue
Laser Diode
Diode laser/DPSS
Laser Class
Play Mode
Sound Active/Auto-Play
Play Mode
Scan System
ILDA 10-20Kpps
Optical Angle
Power Supply
Inner Packing
Gross Weight

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outdoor RGB laser lighting outdoor RGB laser lighting outdoor RGB laser lighting

This RGB laser light has many pre-programmed stunning effects with over 100 laser patterns and over 300 laser effects, such as wave, tunnel, circle, dots, fan shaped, etc.  This laser light can display 7 colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple,and white.Four operation modes: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX, Master/Slave. In AUTO mode, the laser beams can be single red, single green, single yellow, or RGY in one pattern.  In Sound Active mode, this laser light is “Black Out” when there is no music. In DMX512 mode, you can set to different functions: 52 kinds of pattern selection, X/Y movement, scanning speed, pattern size, color selection and Color Segment. In Master/Slave mode, up to 32 same units can link together without control. Attractive appearance is designed to make people love this laser light.


We are not only a company, but also a laser diode manufacturer/provider. Because we have ability to make our own-brand laser diode. We can design & make whatever laser systems you want. We have the professional machine to make our own-designed laser box.

It’s certain that we can offer you the OEM service. In our laser systems, we also use the laser diodes which are imported from KVANT or CNI. Comparing with other companies, our quality is better, and the price is more competitive with the top quality. We can declare the value of products as your requirement.

Last year, our company participated in the Beijing PALM Exhibition about Sound & Lighting systems. This year, we are going to participate in the Shanghai Sound & Lighting systems Exhibition. Welcome to visit our booth next month.

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