Red green star Firework mini laser disco lights with sound active and automode

It gives out brilliant colorful light beams; it will make your room magical and wonderful.Sound active & Auto-mode, Red &Green “stars” twinkle, run, hide-and-seek, and play automatically or according to music volume.


Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, high brightness.

Low heat generating, no UV or IR light radiation.

It can show two or more gobos at the same time. Two kinds pictures emitted at same time; X, Y, Z controls to rotating , zooming, moving  function, etc. Drawing and color adjustable,design may be done as user’s requirement.


Laser Power:Red: 80mw Green: 15mw
Wavelength:Red : 650nm Green: 532mw
Modulation:0~20KHz TTL Modulation
Control Mode:Sound Active, Automatic, Remote Control
Demo Effect:RGY laser dots are controlled by the movement track and speed to create more millions of laser dots by impinging against to each other so that it looks like the Grid Stars effect, we can chage the software board to change the laser effecting.

Safety Capacity

Sound active mode with the function of shut-off if there is no music. Safer to human and environment.

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