laser show system projector with mini star effect

Combining LED and laser into one system with advanced technology, this LED laser is a great achievement in the stage field. When the laser light is working, there are thousands of laser dots shooting out and the RGB LED as background to bring you a nice blue sky.It brings you to enter into a amazing and fascinating world.

laser show system projector with mini star effect laser show system projector laser lighting

Mini laser star, Small light,conveniently to be carried.

The stroboflash speed of auto-stroboflash, sound-control stroboflash and grating rotation speed can be adjusted by outer power controller. Diffusing laser network with the effects of rotation, stroboflash etc, the moving track of starriness patterns can be controlled freely to move by specified track. At least 5000 dots are moving, strobe, like boundless firebugs.

Many current popular effects are combined together into this laser light.

Suitable for family Party, KTV, DISCO, dance halls,nightclub, discos, bars, bazaar, wedding, karaoke, square, park and so on many occasions.

Use instructions:

When plugged in, the red and green two-color injection laser can sing like the stars and the effect of automatic rotation (speed adjustable), and flash functions indirectly.After switch, changed to sound-controlled (with the size of music can control the speed.), can produce very good ballroom atmosphere.


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