RGB 20K ILDA CLASS IIIB Laser Light Show with 3D and animation effect

Characteristic of  laser diode:
In winter, when the temperature is low, laser diode will send out the light after some minutes. It is not defect. It is because of the diode characteristic that it isafraid of cold.

Laser diode:
     We purchase OPT laser diode. It is the second famous factory in laser diode field in China. Opt laser diode has a stable performance and reliable quality.
Laser Light Show with 3D and animation effect RGB Laser Light Show stage lighting

ILDA compatible computer interface, Editable any logo or word you like in computer,save it in SD card.
High speed XY Scanner Module(scan speed>20kpps/30kpps(;scan angle±20°;input signal ±5v;linearity distortion<2%).
Beam show and Graphic show interchangeable switching.
PC control: Compatible ILDA laser show software with ILDA interface. Use electronic switches to conversion full ILDA signal.

Safety capacity:

Sound activated mode with cut-off function if there is no music.
Master-Slave mode is available for more than 10 slave units;
DMX512 mode will cut off automatically without signal.
Designed according to the security and good performence, this is safe to human and environment.


Laser power: 450mW(Red 300mw, Green 50mw, and Blue 100mw)
Wave length: Green 532nm; red 650nm; blue 470nm
Laser Color: full color
Power supply: 100–120V or 220–240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Product Name:  450mw RGB full color motor laser light



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