mini disco holographic laser lighting player

You can mount the projector anywhere you need and it is fully adjustable to aimed at the area you wish to highlight and also include a handy mounting tripod. The projector features a MIC that works by detecting the sounds waves from your music and then displays laser patterns in Sync with the beat. It also has a speed control buttton located at the rear, this allows you to adjust the speed of the laser patterns. Turn up the beat and watch the laser respond in style.

RGY laser dots are controlled by the movement track and speed to create more millions of laser dots by impinging against to each other so that it looks like the fireworks effect.

Sound active mode with the function of shut-off if there is no music. Safer to human and environment.

It can show two or more gobos at the same time. Two kinds pictures emitted at same time. X, Y, Z controls to rotating , zooming,

moving  function, etc. Drawing and color adjustable,design may be done as user’s requirement.


Voltage:AC 220V-240V /50-60HZ
Light source:  semiconductor laser generator
Laser power:Green 40mW ,Red :100mW
Control channel:6 channel DMX512 SIGNAL

Control mode:DMX512 Signal ,self-propelled mode ,the sound control mode

Colling system: forced  fan cooling system  
Package: 300*180*150MM
G.W: 3.8KG

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