mini stage laser lighting red-green fireworks

christmas laser show system easy install

christmas laser show system easy to install

Model Number:BG-MN100

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  • The shell of this product made of high quality galvanized aluminum,can be waterproof(the whole machine isn’t waterproof,can’t be used outside in rainy day), rust and anti-static,hanging bar can be wide angle adjustment,no caltrop and scrub on the surface, very smooth.

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christmas laser show system mini stage laser lighting red-green fireworks mini dj laser stage light great for disco party


Adopts effective optical reflectors, have red and green two kinds colors beam output.

Adopts high capacity and high-speed single chip technique. Special sound control with program matched, more sets connected.
CLASS III B LASER! Please Do not look directly at the laser beam for a long time at close range,the laser irradiation does not harm the body but eyes.
Control mode:Auto Strobe and the speed of the screen change is adjustable

100mW 650nm RED Laser+50mW 532nm GREEN Laser
DC motor scanner

Sound Active/AUTO
Effects: More than 300 Red/Green/Green+Red beams shootted out from aperture.Flashing,Fantastic space-time
NEW Micro-stepping motor scanner with wide scanning angle
After 8 seconds without sound laser light will be shut down automatically.

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