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RGB full color animation laser light show system

Laser light animation show DMX512 ILDA

Model Number:BG-RGB-1W

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  • The animation laser projector, from BOMGO factory, projects more than 200 red, blue and green laser animation patterns and anything youwant,and delivers the effect to any dark room or performance hall.

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Laser light animation show DMX512 ILDA Laser light animation show stage lighting

1.RGB full color animation laser with high-speed optical scanner to create Beam show ,Animation Show and Text show
2.Working mode:ILDA international Standard signal / Stand alone / Music Active/DMX512
3.Unique blanking effect, Rotation (pan), Zoom (+/-),Rolling, Translation, dot drawing, step drawing, 3D Animation, Strobe, and Dimmer etc.
4.Safety Capacity: Design according to security and good performance, safer to human and environment.Auto close light when scanner have trouble.
5.with high-power 450nm laser, the best-matched colour and power,and laser power with dual temperature control,  great effects will give you amazing visual impact.

6.Professional DMX ILDA 2W RGB Full Color animation laser light and sound.
Laser Power:Red 635nm->500mW Green 532nm->500mW Blue  450nm->1000mW
Inner Show Card,Music Active, Auto Active, DMX512,ILDA connector ,Gobos: 128 x128
Size: L32 x W28 x H20cm
Net Weight:13.5kg
Gross Weight:15.5Kg.

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