mini rg laser projector stage light 8-pattern for dj

mini rg laser projector stage light 8-pattern for dj

DJ Laser Scanners Systems

Model Number:BG-RGB3500

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  • Can create graphic show patterns of twinkling and firework with the function of changing the color of patterns as one wishes,Advanced design program, four modes in one: Sound active, Auto, DMX512, Master/slaves for different applications.

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DJ Laser Scanners Systems mini rg laser projector mini laser light show


1.4 beautiful gobo laser effects coming from laser apperture. Red and green beams shootted out from the aperture within 40 angles, the effect of auto, movement speed, sound sensitivity and strobe speed.Compact and lightweight.High quality aluminum alloy housing.Low power consumption.

2.RG laser dots are controlled by the movement track and speed to create more millions of laser dots by impinging against to each other so that it looks like the fireworks,heart,moon,star,butterfly,victory,one dimension effects, with Blue Color LED light background .

3.Security Smart: when scanner fails, it will automatically turn off the laser.

Notice and Warning:
1.This is laser product,Class IIIB grade, please avoid to shot direct eyes.
2.Please do not allow children to operate it.
3.If this unit doesn’t work when you turn it on, please twist counterckockwise the “voice control button” to the end.
4.When belong to gear down, it may hanppen to stop for 3-4 seconds and then the motor start working.Take this situation as normal.

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