Laser light show for sale

Laser light show for sale

Beautiful Color Animatin Laser Show for Cheap Sale

Model Number:BG-RGB3500

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  • Powerful effects, rgb full color, 128 preset programs,compact design, low price, safety key, galvo DT-40, interlock, lcd display panel.

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Beautiful Color Animatin Laser Show for Cheap Sale dj laser light show laser show system


This animatin laser show is an innovative, compact, silent color changing projector, being capable of extraordinary performances in terms of color mixing. It has both sound active mode and AUTO mode with speed control and laser matrix strobe light flash control. It is compact, lightweight, portable, and easy to set up and operate.
Under DMX mode, this light supports pattern selection, color change, X/Y moving, dimmer, rotation, zoom in/out, drawing and rolling.  
Through scientific design of light path and reasonable spectrophotometric technology, laser display system can show effect smoothly Laser light show in cheap price with many kinds of the shinny gobos, big beam angle, full filled in the KTV room, bar, club, etc.
Laser:500mW 450nm blue laser
Effects:Time Tunnels,Flip,Zoom(-/+),Rotation,Speed(+/-),Clouds,Strobes,3D Animation,Dimmer
Support ILDA Function
Inbuilt 150 beam show and animation frames
Fan cooled
Patter size option
Opreating modes:Auto,sound active,master/Slave&DMX,ILDA
LED indicator displays the status of the POWER
Sound sensitivity control
Blue metal casing
Laser Class:3B
Power supply:110~220v,50~60Hz.

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