Animated musical laser light show

RGB full color animation laser light projector animation laser laser light show system

Diode light animation laser

  • The animated musical laser light show projector can host an amazing indoor light show like no ther! Simply set up the laser light show projector facing the surface of wall, ceiling and so on.



With the software you will not only be able to create full custom animation effects, but create full custom beam shows as well. With a different motor and angle range it is capable of producing laser shows at the level you would see at concerts and full professional events. All animation lasers include ILDA control as well DMX, sound active and auto, though ILDA is highly recommended.

High power RGB laser,high-speed optical scanner,with the function of “broken line”,strobe,turning around,moving,billow,drawing,zoom in/out,speed changeable etc.

Built-in 128 patterns in the original program. And if you need any other patterns,we can design according to your request for free.

     Computer control, and compatible laser control software control of ILDA standard;
     ILDA signal conversion is full electronic signal to avoid influence of non-contact of switch, and to settle all defects of mechanical switch.

Product meterials
a) selection of the diode
   i. Characteristic of  laser diode
      In winter, when the temperature is low, laser diode will send out the light after some minutes. It is not defect. It is because of the diode characteristic that it is afraid of cold.

  ii. Laser diode:
     We purchase OPT laser diode. It is the second famous factory in laser diode field in China. Opt laser diode has a stable performance and reliable quality.

Certainly, if you have high demand on laser diode, we will purchase CNI laser diode.
b) Scanner
It is tested strictly to ensure the good quality.
c) Product Case
It is aluminum case.
d) Power supply
For the power supply, we all adopt switch power. It can suit for more voltage. If there are more voltage in your country, you will not carry out the pressure of the stock.



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