Mini animation laser light

mini animation laser lighting 230 animation laser light show system laser light show

mini animation laser light 230mW

  • Model Number:BG-MI-RGB-230
  • The portable, compact mini animation laser light projector from bomgo factory is a intelligent stage laser projector perfect for bonds, family parties, KTV, Bar, Night Club, etc.



The product was built for individuals who are looking for get more than amazing effects out of their laser light projector.
This BG-MI-RGB-230 mini animation laser light with Different Pattern Red, Green, Blue is small and exquisite, simple to set up and operate.It is designed in line with “secure to people and the environment” objective. This product is the most powerful model and has more complex optic lens so it generates more and more bright laser animations and beams in the most complex random patterns.

This power-saving and environmentally friendly laser stage lighting can bring great convenient for you adcanced twinkling effects are combined together to make the patterns more abundant
Animation effects and geometric figures are integrate to make he show more beautiful
Shock and impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable
Safe Capacity: Design according to security and good performance, safe to human and environment

-Price: we are factory and able to offer better price than trade company.
-Good quality: We are a manufacturer and exporter of various laser modules.laser lights and led lights, and we are experienced in quality control.
-On time delivery: delivery the goods in the confirmed time.
-Professional seller: good communication in patient and well know our products.
-OEM: welcome.

Laser Power:230mw
Rated Power:15W
Laser Diode:Diode Red Laser/Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Red Laser:Wavelength:650nm,laser power:100mw
Green Laser:Wavelength:532nm,laser power:50mw
Bule Laser:Wavelength:445nm,laser power:80mw
Laser Wavelength:Can be made Red-Green, Bule-Green, Red-Blue, Single Color
Fuse Wire:BGDP F 5*20mm 1A
Laser Class:3b
DMX Channel:16
Power Supply:90-250VAC
Scan System:ILDA 8Kpps
Play Mode:Sound Active/Auto-Play
Gross Weight:2.4kg
Net Weight:1.75kg
Inner Packing Size:285*195*150mm
Outer Packing Size:590*420*330mm(8pcs)

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