12*4W 4in1 RGB Slim RGBA Led Flat Par Light, DMX512, 6DMX Plastic Cover

Model Number: BG-LEDW-12-4



  • Beam angle: 15º, 25º, 45º
  • Protective index :IP20(New)
  • 4in1 Round shape LED uplight LED flat par can stage light utilizes the latest in tri-color LEDs delivering a uniform output. Eliminating multi-colored shadows also allows the unit to serve admirably as front light.

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Specifications of 12*4W 4in1 RGB Slim RGBA Led Flat Par Light, DMX512

Input Voltage:AC100-240V 50/60Hz (IEC power In/Out)
Ultra bright slim fixture with 12*4-Watt QUAD LEDs(4-in-1 RGBA- Red,Green,Blue & Amber)
Smooth RGBA color mixing
QUAD LED (4-in-1) projects no RGB shadows
44 built-in Color Macros,Color strobe effect
Power Consumption:48W
DMX Channels:4/8CH
Electronic Dimming: 0 – 100%
Beam angle: 40-degree
4-button LED DMX display on rear panel
Run all night No duty cycle Flicker Free
Long Life LEDs (50,000 hrs.)
Operate Mode:DMX&Remote control,Auto run,Master Slave mode and sound control
Battery using hours:5-10 hours depends on difference needs

More information about 12*4W 4in1 RGB Slim RGBA Led Flat Par Light, DMX512

High brightness! The new chip technology and reflow processing are adopted in our lamp beads, which make heat faster and improve chip’s working life.

R, G, B three-color plus white color mixing can achieve a variety of color effects.
With PWM output, lights have no flicker and are more suitable for video camera.

Spot from the middle to the edge has uniform transition, neither clutter nor relatively dark area.

After rigorous DMXter4RDMtm testing, lights are stable under all DMX signals.

Color changes, strobe and manually arbitrary 0-100% dimming.

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