RGB animation laser light 3.5W

RGB animation laser light 3.5W

ILDA 3.5W RGB Laser Light generate 3D animated graphics

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  • Model Number:BG-RGB3500
  • Support ILDA and SD function
  • High speed optical scanner to generate 3D animated graphics. Beam show and Graphic show interchangeable switching


Item Specifications

G:532MW 1000mW +R:650nm1500mw+B:450nm1000mw

PLay mode :DMX512 ,auto ,ILDA .sound active.

Laser Size:630mm*460mm*270mm

Gross weight:35kg

scanning speed:30k


The Red+Green+Blue animation laser 3500mW is the first full-color animation laser. For its price, it has the most unparalleled performance than any other lighting unit. It is able to create a perfect full color spectrum by mixing red, green, and a rare 470nm blue. Also it is the cheapest full color animation laser with ILDA software support, makes it has been the perfect starting for animation laser. This animation laser has been highly recommended in establishing a clear, full-color images and multi-color beam shows. This is undoubtedly the best starting laser get used to the effects of Pangolin Quickshow before raising the professional level. Although there is no video below, you can see a higher supply of full color animation laser light in action, and this laser is capable of displaying every amazing effects. Warmly reminding you again about our special $100 off of Pangolin Quickshow with your animation laser, simply click the option above, for your purchase redemption.This is a kind of new and fashionable multimedia player with music and laser function. You can have a look at this fantastic starlit night if enjoy the music.

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